Leap Books Proudly Signs Linda Joy Singleton

From Publisher’s Weekly: Shannon Delany of Leap Books, LLC has acquired Linda Joy Singleton’s newest YA, NEVER BEEN TEXTED. Ashlee, whose discount cell phone receives texts from a brokenhearted stranger, must decide whether or not to meet the sender. But it seems her dog, and the phone itself, are determined to throw Ashlee and the […]

Silver Falchion Award™ Nominees

We are very proud to announce that even with the relatively small number of books currently to LEAP‘s name, three (yes THREE) of them have been nominated for the coveted 2014 Silver Falchion Award™. The Killer Nashville event which established and holds the Silver Falchion Award™ annually makes clear,“The purpose of the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award™ is to honor […]

Street Team Open Call

LEAP BOOKS STREET TEAM OPEN CALL Want to join TEAM LEAP? Leap Books is seeking enthusiastic individuals to create social media buzz for their FROLIC, SURGE & SHINE lines. Genres include YA/MG/NA. Blogging and social media accessibility are vital. Contact marketing.leapbks@gmail.com for details.    

Call for Submissions

We are currently seeking both agented and unagented submissions to our e-novella line, SHINE. Submissions must be high concept, commercial young adult stories of any genre – with romantic elements – and between 15-20,000 words. SHINE titles will be published in ebook format only and made available between $0.99 and $1.99. SHINE stories will meet […]


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  • Get Ready For Our MONSTER BACKLIST BASH! October 6, 2014
     Does your heart race when things go bump in the night? Then you're in the right place because Leap Books is about to get CREEPY!  Join us as we celebrate the season with our CHILLING titles! Meet our authors   Check out our books  Share creepy tales that will haunt you after the lights go out!  All month long we're sharing some spooky fun and leav
    During the flurry of questions, a coolness brushes my skin, and the lights flicker. I turn toward the mirror and focus on the dark spot in the corner. My heart contracts in fear. Blood rushes to my head, causing the room to spin, and I tune out the lieutenant as the darkness in the mirror forms into someone.                                                   
  • LEAP Down the Rabbit Hole with Us! September 2, 2014
    Next year marks an historic moment, the 150th anniversary of the publication of the classic story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland!To celebrate how absolutely mad we are about this occasion, Leap Books, LLC will publish a special Alice-inspired anthology called BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT and you, yes, YOU are invited to the party!Join a roster of we
    Our very own Judith Graves gives us a glimpse at her recent appearance, the PNLA 2014 Conference, where she was a keynote speaker during the Young Reader's Choice Awards (YRCA) program Author Luncheon.    Pacific Northwest Library Association Conference 2014  Last week I was honoured to speak at the Pacific Northwest Library Association Annual Conferenc
  • Making Us LEAP for Joy: Leap Books, LLC Award Nominees August 6, 2014
    We are very proud to announce that even with the relatively small number of books currently to LEAP's name, three (yes THREE) of them have been nominated for the coveted 2014 Silver Falchion Award™. The Killer Nashville event which established and holds the Silver Falchion Award™ annually makes clear, "The purpose of the Killer Nashville Silver Fal
  • LEAPing Ahead: A New Leap for a Small Publishing House August 1, 2014
    In an age when self-publishing can bring a manuscript to life as a book in twenty-four hours and bloated publishing entities gobble each other up readily, small publishing houses face unique challenges--most not lasting any longer than the average small business. Even house lines can disappear in what feels like the blink of an eye leaving authors orphaned a