Alexandra Diaz

Alexandra Diaz grew up bilingual in Puerto Rico and various U.S. states. Thanks to an over-active imagination, she’s always Alexandra-Diaz-205x300loved creating stories and “what-if” scenarios. She got her MA in Writing for Young People from Bath Spa University in Bath, England. She is the author of the young adult novel Of All the Stupid Things and the forthcoming middle grade novel Drawing on Hope, as well as a couple books written on commission for the Roller Girls series. She is a frequent traveler, avid ice cream eater, and amateur circus aerialist.

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Good Girls Don’t Lie is like a Mexican-American Junocon chile. It’s the story of Josie Figueroa, the last person anyone expects to get in trouble. Influenced by a desire to write from a Hispanic POV and warnings heard as a teenager, the novel evolved during its multiple rewrites from a dating game (with the protagonist as a victim) to a topical, yet timeless, realistic coming of age story that could happen to anyone, including the good girl.