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Judith reads as much as she writes, devouring at least two books a week. She loves heated debates over character motives…she’s been kicked out of several book clubs for just this reason. With her faithful sidekick at her feet–that’d be, Willow, a yellow lab–Judith remains unfazed by book club drama and is furiously writing more paranormal stories. Which hopefully, you’ll read.

Working in a school library, Judith is surrounded by children’s and young adult literature (there’s no escape!). She fosters the joy of reading in students and staff at her school. She helps out with the school choir and drama club. If it has to do with words or music, Judith is around. A singer/songwriter for more than 10 years, Judith often writes songs about her characters–since they are beasties of the night, this makes for interesting listening.

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Under My Skin
Judith Graves
ISBN-13 978-1-61603-000-1
ISBN-10 1-61603-000-3

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All her parents wanted was for Eryn to live a normal life…Redgrave had its share of monsters before Eryn moved to town. Mauled pets, missing children. The Delacroix family is taking the blame, but Eryn knows the truth. Something stalks the night. Wade, the police chief’s son and Redgrave High’s resident hottie, warns her the Delacroix are dangerous. But then so is Eryn–in fact, she’s lethal.But she can’t help falling for one of the Delacroix boys, dark, brooding–human Alec. And then her world falls apart.A normal life? Now that’s the real fairytale.


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Praise for Under My Skin

“Under My Skin is a roller-coaster romp through a supernatural world filled with scary beasties, otherworldly magic, and characters you’ll root for. Eryn is a tough but likable protagonist whose paranormal problems make a compelling story full of mystery, magic, action and romance. A fun and engaging read. I’m looking forward to the sequel.”

~Rosemary Clement-Moore, award-winning author of Prom Dates from Hell, Hell Week, Highway to Hell and The Splendor Falls

“…fans of paranormal YA fiction will appreciate a protagonist with attitude and anticipate the next volume in the planned trilogy, Second Skin, to be released in 2011. Recommended.”

~CM MagazineThe Manitoba Library Association


Second Skin
Judith Graves
ISBN-13 978-1-61603-006-3
ISBN-10 1-61603-006-2

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With Fiends Like Eryn…Monsters. Bloodsuckers. The evil. The damned. Eryn McCain knows they exist—she’s been hunting them since she was a child. At sixteen, she’s ready to take on all comers.Being a shapeshifter gives her an advantage when it comes to her unusual part-time job. The hours suck and the pay is, well, non-existent, but bonuses like inhuman strength and night vision make tracking scary beasties a dream come true. Especially in a town like Redgrave.

When an ancient demon targets Redgrave High, Eryn and her crew of hunters must face their innermost fears to prevent the Harvest Moon Dance from becoming one serious Monster Mash. Loyalties are tested and temptations abound. With questions ever brewing, can Eryn share a future with the brooding, noble, human Alec—the hunter after her heart? Or will she succumb to her enemy’s son, Wade, a seductive predator as bloodthirsty as she is?

What happens when you’re both the beauty and the beast?

Praise for Second Skin

“Smart, sassy and more than a little scary, Second Skin hits all the right notes. I adored reading about Eryn and her attempts to deal with her life!”

~Amanda Ashby, award-winning author of Zombie Queen of Newbury High and Fairy Bad Day

“If tasked to recruit a monster-hunting army, I’d want Eryn on my side—her tongue is as sharp as the athame she brandishes. In Second Skin, the second book in Judith Graves’ thrilling SKINNED series, Eryn goes head-to-head with a chilling new paranorm, has lingering feelings for two of Redgraves’ hottest boys, and is surrounded by an endearing cast of family and friends. Prepare to be engrossed—Graves digs in her claws and doesn’t let go until the mesmerizing cliffhanger end.”

~Dawn Dalton, author of Thread of the Past

“In Judith Graves’ Second Skin, book two of her Skinned series, shapeshifter Eryn McCain is fighting the paranorm baddies again and cracking wise while she’s at it. A wild ride of snark, chills and romance, Second Skin poses the creepy question: what if your worse nightmares came to life?”

~Joy Preble, author of Dreaming Anastasia and Haunted

New Release: Killer’s Instinct

KI400Where there is NO life – there’s Hope…Hope has always been a bit of a freak. But when her mother crawls from her grave and her undead corpse goes MIA, Hope’s last thread of normal snaps with a vengeance.

Enrolling in a militia-style school for monster hunters seems her best bet for tracking down Mommy-dearest and putting what’s left of her mother to rest. But the stakes are raised when she’s partnered with three unique male recruits – each with their own personal demons to slay if they want to survive basic training.

But does Hope have a true killer’s instinct? If she finds her mother, will she have the guts to do what must be done to save her soul? In a place like Le Manoir, all bets are off.

Killer’s Instinct
Dawn Dalton & Judith Graves

Coming soon from Leap Books.
ISBN 13: 978-1-61603-024-7
ISBN: 1-61603-024-0

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PRAISE for Killer’s Instinct

“What could be creepier than hunting down your own zombie mommy? And what could be more psychologically satisfying to a teen because … it’s just pretend? Isn’t it? I wanted to squeeze my eyes shut tight and turn away from the sublimely dark and smart Killer’s Instinct. But how could I? A single page in, I was hooked.”

~Jacqueline Mitchard, author of What We Lost in the Dark and The Deep End of the Ocean

“Killer’s Instinct by Dawn Dalton and Judith Graves is a clever and fast-paced thriller that raises the bar for monster-hunting tales. Nuanced and well-crafted, this novel is told from the points of view of four distinctly defined young characters—Hyde, a hulk in sheep’s clothing; Kain, the wild card, Caddock, the unit jock, and Hope, both gifted and cursed with a sixth sense. Hope’s inner strengths and compassion make her a fitting role model for teenage readers, yet her vulnerability renders her a satisfyingly sympathetic heroine. Killer’s Instinct is going to knock other YA monster-battling books off the shelves.”

~Gary Braver, bestselling and award-winning author of Tunnel Vision

“Hope sees dead people. It’s her greatest weapon and her ultimate curse. After the death of her father and her Mother rising from the grave as a mindless corpse, Hope joins an elite fighting team at La Manoir, a group of teens trained to deal with all manner of paranormal spooks and baddies. She wants to find what’s left of her mother and put her to rest, but first, she needs to learn how–and she might even need some help along the way. Hope is a wonderful heroine, smart, savvy, and good with a gun: my favorite kind of ass-kicker! The other members of her team kept me on my toes, never quite sure who I could trust and what their true motivations were.”

~Sherry Ficklin, author of the Gods of Fate series

Coming in 2014…

SOMTfinal400HOW TO PLAY· draw a card from the deck
· kill or be killed
· and if you’re lucky, repeat…
Hidden agendas, deep, dark secrets, and monsters lurking around every locker. It’s business as usual at Redgrave High for Eryn and her crew of paranorm hunters – they plan to capture and cure Brit’s brother from his tormented existence, Eryn is reunited with her father’s beta, and Redgrave’s origins are revealed.
Although the two guys vying for Eryn’s heart just might have to up their game. Enter hot, wolven guy stage left. Is he the one Alec’s blood magic foretold? He is, if Eryn’s knocking pulse has anything to say about it. The tale-tell sound is driving Wade mad. But it’s Eryn’s move, and everyone is holding their breath.A little healthy competition soon becomes all-out survival of the fittest as the crew are pitted against a pack of demons trading souls – for keeps. The student population is enamored with a new card game, Boroughs Quest. Kids are desperate to get their hands on gilded cards from a mysterious expansion deck, but when they do…

It’s all fun and games ’til somebody dies.

Skin of My Teeth
Judith Graves
ISBN-13 978-1-61603-015-5
ISBN-10 1-61603-015-1

Coming in 2015…


Hour of the Wolf
Judith Graves
ISBN-13 978-1-61603-031-5
ISBN-10 1-61603-031-3