Medeia Sharif

Medeia Sharif was born in New York City and now lives in Miami. She received her master’s degree in psychology from Florida AtlanticMedeia headshot hi res University. Published through various presses, she writes middle grade and young adult short stories and novels. In addition to being a writer, she’s a public school teacher.

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The Haunted Step-SisterFinalTHE HAUNTED STEPSISTER

Kammy and Jess, two preteen stepsisters, use an allegedly haunted school restroom where the toilet is shuddering and overflowing. Lights flicker. At home, things are flying. Jess is convinced that Kammy is possessed by a demon that originated from the school toilet. Jess wants to acquire the help of an exorcist, although it’s hard getting the attention of a religious authority figure. She also has to keep this secret from her parents and the school, despite all the strangeness going on when Kammy is present.

Most importantly, Jess will have to fess up about “the incident” that happened weeks ago. Kammy and her demon are angry about that, because Jess almost destroyed the family and her stepsister’s life by pulling a stupid stunt. And this demon seems to be prodding the truth to come to light.

This middle grade novel is horror with a touch of humor.

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